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Selling bookmarks at the end of the driveway.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

Growing up, my family’s backyard was a golf course. Instead of selling lemonade, I would sell golf balls to the golfers. This was my first venture into advertising, as I was more interested in the sign advertising the golf balls for sale then actually selling the golf balls (I was successful at both). When my parents moved away from the golf course, I created a bookmark business. I would get cardstock paper and markers and spend nights drawing up new ideas and characters to feature on bookmarks.

Working at a popcorn store.

When I became too old to sell bookmarks at the end of my driveway, I worked at my family’s business. My parents owned a popcorn store and two retail stores, including a Hallmark store. I also design ads in the newspaper and created an online presence in college for the Hallmark store.

Emmy-Award Winning Team of WTHR-TV

Emmy / WTHR-TV 13 Investigates

Emmy-Award Winning

In 2015, I received an Emmy for my work with the 13 Investigative team at WTHR-TV in Indianapolis. I developed an interactive website for the investigation into high school football helmet safety ratings. Viewers were able to search the helmets at their schools, along with the safety rating.

In 2014, I was nominated for working with the 13 Investigate team for their story on Indiana school bus safety. Parents were able to look up their child’s school and see the safety status for each bus, such as last date repaired.

Video: 72 Theatre Trailer

Video Production

I studied video production at Ball State University and have produced sketch comedy videos (72 Theatre), award-winning videos for non-profits, as well as television commercials that have aired on WTHR-TV in Indianapolis.

Need Digital Advertising?

I am currently WTHR-TV’s Digital Sales Account Coordinator. If you’re interested in digital advertising, contact me and I’ll ensure your campaign is set up and tracked. I could say I have over seven years of experience with digital advertising and list all my certifications – but at the end of the day, my goal is to getting more customers either onto your website or in your day.

In fact, that’s always been my goal no matter the medium I use (video, web design, etc.) – getting desired results.

Email jhiggens@wthr.com to advertise on WTHR.com

Hire Me through Higgens Media

I set up Higgens Media to work with business and organizations every day to build and optimize their websites, as well as produce videos that drive donations and/or awareness. Since starting in 2004, I’ve never cut corners, which is why you’ll get the fastest website in town – with the latest servers that deliver sites up to 20% faster than the competition. If you have a business or organization to run and don’t have time to manage your online presence or appearance, let’s talk!