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(February 16, 2020 / Greenwood, Indiana) – Harvest Bible Chapel Indy South in Greenwood, Indiana, officially revealed their new church name. Pastor Brock shared the church name, along with the reasoning for the new church name, the history of the previous church name, and the transition, during the morning announcements.

Below is a transcript of the announcement, transcribed from the video taken during the 9am worship service. The video is available to play at the top of this page.


Headings are designed to help break up sections of the announcement for readability. This has been proofed, but may still contain unintentional grammatical, punctuation, and transcription errors.

“I just have one thing to tell you right now and that is what the new name of our church is going to be. [Applause] We’ll delay it no longer. But if you’re like, ‘whoa, I know nothing about this’ – five weeks ago, we told the church family that in 2020 we’d be changing the name of our church.”

Why a name change?

“Very quickly, here’s why: four and a half years ago when we were planted, we were planted out of a church in Chicago called Harvest Bible Chapel. And at that time, we were part of a network of churches across not only our country, but across the world, who all shared this name of Harvest Bible Chapel, and it meant something – it stood for some things. But since that time, this fellowship or network we were part of had since dissolved. And in this last season, Harvest Bible Chapel no longer meant the same thing it did when we planted, and so we wanted to take the opportunity now to call ourselves, to identify with a name that made more sense with who we were.

And so for this last season, as leaders, we’ve been praying and processing, and here’s what we knew:

We knew the last two words: Bible Church.

We knew we wanted Bible to stay as our middle name and we knew we wanted to call ourselves a church, because God is pretty passionate about his church and it’s a beautiful thing as we’ve been teaching on.

And so it was really, what do we, how do we want to identify that first word? And here’s where we came.

You ready?

‘Redeemer Bible Church’.”

Why ‘Redeemer Bible Church’?

“So, why Redeemer? We knew we didn’t necessarily want to go for something like flashy or trendy. Why? Because we’re not flashy or trendy. We wanted something timeless. We wanted something that the generation, unless Jesus comes back before then, the generation after us will still look and say like, ‘Yeah, we’re still about the redeemer.’ We wanted a name that would just simply say ‘here’s what this church is all about, we’re about the redeemer Jesus Christ, we’re about His word, and we’re about His church’. That’s who we are.

And so we gather to worship the Redeemer. All of us gather, thankful for His work of redemption in our life, and we gather as a people of the Redeemed – that’s who we are.

And so, very simply, we just wanted to have a name that communicated, ‘we want to be all about Jesus, all about His Word, and all about his bride the church’. So Redeemer Bible Church.”

What is changing?

“What changes practically about the way we’ve been doing ministry, about the way we’ve been defining discipleship? Absolutely nothing – absolutely nothing changes. We just hope that this name, for the future, better communicates those things that we have always been about and those things we will continue to be about. So – welcome to Redeemer Bible Church.

I’m sure during this transition season, you’ll hear me say ‘Harvest Bible Church’, you’ll hear me say ‘Redeemer Bible Chapel’, you’ll hear all sorts of things – but give us grace in the transition.”

Transition: When is this happening?

“So let’s talk about that transition. This doesn’t take effect today. There’s a lot of work that our team is doing right now to transfer everything over. Pray for Jake, our communications guy – right? Because he has a tall order ahead of them. Legally we changed the name, all of the branding, all of that’s got to be changed, and so April – we’re looking at the month of April as the official transition point, and as we kind of get our hands around, ‘Okay, we think we’re gonna be done by this point in April,’ we will give you a Sunday in April where it’ll be the official transition from Harvest Bible Chapel to Redeemer Bible Church.

But plain and simple, regardless of the name on the side of the building, we’re here today to worship the Redeemer. And we’re here today to sing to Him. We’re here today in just a few minutes, open His Word, and so I want to invite the ushers forward. And we’re going to continue to worship the One who’s redeemed our souls. Let me pray and we’ll keep worshipping.”

Redeemer Bible ChurchThis video and transcription was created to share with individuals who were unable to make it to see the unveiling of the new name. Video and transcript is not an official media release from Harvest Bible Chapel Indy South/Redeemer Bible Church. For official releases and any inquiries, please contact their leadership at

For inquires on source video and transcript, please contact Jeffrey Higgens.

Jeffrey Higgens attends Harvest Indy South/Redeemer Bible Church, but was not a part of the rebranding process – he is just enthusiastic about logos, rebrands, and his church family.



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